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Natural Born Linguist?

I was speaking with a lady friend of mine at a bar in Harlem about why Americans need to be serious about being at least bi-lingual and it’s funny because  whenever one mentions the words “learn a second language” around most Americans they look like a deer in headlights , seriously…a deer in headlights! They come up with every excuse as to why they can’t learn a second language. Here are a few of my favorites:

1A: Wheres the money in it?! (That’s always the first question in this part of the world)

1. I don’t have time, I’m too busy trying to live day to day, I got kids etc

2. I don’t have the money

3. I am a US citizen why do I need to learn another language when everybody speaks “American”. Sir/Ma’am do you mean “English” ? No, I mean “American”…ooookaaaay

4. I’m too old, besides the best time to learn a new language is when your 3 days old anything older than that I’m sorry to say… you have missed the boat

5. Some people are better at learning foriegn languages than others

6.  I’m a science person myself

7.  Besides some people are naturally born to speak other languages

Oh I have more…I really like when they look at me some type of way and say “Well AAAALLLL of us don’t have the time or dedication like YOOOOOU” as if their mad that I do what I do. Ahhhh the American culture nothin’ like it in the world.

But the last point (7) is what this article addresses. Are people “Natural Born Linguist”? read on, you may be surprised by the answer. (Big shout to Susanna Zaraysky for the link)