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Good Times at The Go-Getters Union "Global Soul Chessboxing" Event

Good Times at The Go-Getters Union “Global Soul Chessboxing” Event

This blog is all things language , all things international culture all the time!  It’s a place where language lovers in all capacities can enjoy ,it takes the reader into the life of the international language community and opens the reader to  what is happening in the study and business of the interpreting and ESL professions.

This blog hopes to touch on various subjects and topics including current events related to domestic/international news, science, politics, arts, culture and business.

The Blog will be in English , Portuguese, Spanish , Haitian Creole and Arabic. This will be an “extremely personal” blog as the author will take you on his journey as a working freelance interpreter/translator with the twist of  unique perspective of being an African American Male in a profession where there are not many.


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